Observe and Hubble in the Press

By Liam Rogers,October 12, 2023

Last week we unveiled Project Hubble, which includes a brand new UX, Live Mode for real time data, AI-based features such as O11y GPT Extract and Slack Assistant, and more. For all the details you can check out the summary of announcements here or watch the replay of our launch video below. Well it turns out we weren’t the only ones excited about the launch of Hubble! Here are some excerpts from what the press has been saying about Observe and Project Hubble. And, if  you want to experience all the new features of Hubble now, sign up today for access to Observe’s free trial.


News Outlets

TechCrunch – Observability platform Observe raises $50M in debt, launches gen AI features

“Observe competes with app monitoring software; monitoring and log analytics tools like New Relic, Splunk, Datadog and Sumo Logic; and new entrants to the observability space such as Grafana, Chronosphere and Honeycomb. But it’s launching new tools and capabilities to stay ahead of the curve.” Wrote Kyle Wiggers. “Will generative AI and a platform refresh take Observe to new heights? Perhaps. Or maybe it’ll simply enable Observe to stay a disciplined, measured-growth course, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.”

CRN – Observe Inc. Launches ‘Hubble’ Observability Platform, Raises $50M In Funding

“Observability tech developer Observe Inc. has raised $50 in a Series A3 financing round, bringing the startup’s total financing to $164.5 million. Observe paired the funding news with the launch of Hubble, the San Mateo, Calif.-based startup’s latest product for storing, managing and analyzing machine-generated data.” Writes Rick Whiting. “The Observe announcements come shortly after the news that Splunk, a major player in the observability platform market, is being acquired by Cisco Systems for $28 billion, a deal expected to be concluded in the third quarter of 2024.”

Datanami – Observe Turns to GenAI to Bolster Observability

“The explosion of SaaS applications over the past decade has coincided with an explosion of observability data that few organizations are well-equipped to handle. […]  By storing all of the observability data on the Snowflake data warehouse, and then providing a single set of tools to address the specific needs of software engineers tasked with tracking down application issues, the San Mateo, California company, aimed to help customers deal with this big data problem.”

VentureBeat – Observe raises $50M, adds generative AI to help enterprises visualize all their data

“On its part, Observe claims to be the only one that eliminates silos of logs, metrics and traces by storing everything in a single, low-cost data lake. To further stand out, the company is pushing out the Hubble update which revamps its Explorer interface for logs, metrics and traces and adds new generative AI features.” 

DevOps.com – Observe Inc. Brings Generative AI to Observability

“IT teams are also coping with an explosion of telemetry data generated by modern distributed applications based on microservices architectures. Legacy observability and monitoring tools were not designed for these data volumes, so when there is an incident, the mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) is increasingly extended. In contrast, the Observe platform now features a ‘Live’ mode that enables data to be queried in 20 seconds or less from when it was created.”

SiliconANGLE – Observe raises $50M and integrates generative AI to simplify application observability

“Whereas many observability platforms are more focused on log analytics, infrastructure monitoring and performance management, Observe is more focused on the analysis of telemetry data, bringing it into a single platform where it can be better observed. That’s necessary, the startup explains, because legacy monitoring and observability tools are not designed to handle the massive volume of information generated by modern applications.”

APM digest – Observe Announces Hubble

“Observe has taken a unique approach to observability and we’re very pleased at their progress in the last year,” said Mike Speiser, a managing partner at Sutter Hill Ventures, in a statement. “Customers are starting to realize that old tools can’t solve new problems and everyone will need to re-architect over the next few years. The market opportunity ahead for Observe is vast.”

The Launch of Hubble


Want to experience all the new features of Hubble for yourself? Sign up today for access to Observe’s free trial.