It's All About The Data.

SaaS Observability means fewer incidents, more features & happy customers.

Observe all your data.
All in one place.
  • Find issues 10x faster and spend 10x less.
  • Attack issues top down using Landing Pages.
  • Turn back the clock with Time Travel.
  • Explore your observable universe with Universe Maps.
  • Drill down, in context, and work directly with event data.
  • Navigate instantly to related data using Portal.
Observe is architected for the cloud.
Zero Maintenance

Observe manages your data so you don’t have to. Kiss goodbye on-premises infrastructure and all that goes with it.

10X Lower Cost

Our architecture separates storage and compute. That means you can afford to ingest all your data and only pay when you’re using it. Imagine that.

Truly Elastic

Infinite scale when you need it. And when you don’t need it, you’re not paying for it.

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