Enter Club O11y, Admission Is Free!

By Kyle Champlin,October 18, 2023

If you’re reading this blog post, then chances are good that you’ve heard about our Hubble release, and if you missed it you can find all the details in this recap post. In light of such a massive milestone, we are incredibly excited to also launch our 14-day free trial. As part of the free trial, we’ve created a special getting started experience, so you can quickly go from ingestion to insights. We’ve also updated a number of our docs to walk through some simple exercises that really show the power of Observe to shape your data into information.

If you’ve not already signed up for the free trial, you can do so by simply clicking the new “Free Trial” button above or clicking this link. We’re automatically approving requests as they come in so check your inbox for details on getting started.

Time To First Byte

While we believe Observe has a lot to offer organizations looking to level up their observability game, we also know choosing the “right” data to send to a solution can be cumbersome. That’s why we decided to revamp our Host Monitoring App, and extend a friendly challenge to anyone who signs up to be the fastest to “first byte” into their trial. If host monitoring isn’t your thing, the good news is that we have over 250 integrations that you can choose from. We’re very proud of our Apps, and would be honored to have you try them during your trial.

How To Explore Your Data

If you do try out the host monitoring route, we highly recommend starting with exploring the data via our Metrics and Logs Explorers. A very common pattern for our customers is to sketch out use-cases in one of our Explorers, and then operationalize that into a dashboard or monitor. The “hello world” of Metrics is easily found by going to “Metrics” > “cpu_utilization (Server/Telegraf CPU Metrics)”. You’ll see a line chart split by Hosts of the current CPU utilization, and in two clicks, you can create a new dashboard. 

Metric Explorer

If logs are more your thing, you can click “Logs” in the left nav, and take advantage of powerful data shaping features, allowing you to dynamically extract specific fields, and use them in other workflows. The same patterns of converting to a dashboard, monitor or even another dataset are all at your fingertips.

Log Explorer

There is a ton of content that we ship with the Host Monitoring App that we encourage you to also take advantage of, but what we’re really excited about is what you’ll create with your own data.

Become An OPAL Power User

While nothing beats the thrill of discovering new insights from your own data, we also wanted to refresh a few classic tutorials that take advantage of some of the best parts of Observe. With your free trial, you can very easily follow along to: 

Opal 101 Tutorial

Opal 102 Tutorial

Creating a Single Stat Dashboard 

These tutorials can be completed at your own pace, and with our sample data. It just takes a single CURL command to get started. By the end you’ll be acquainted with how to set up ingest over HTTP, how to shape data via worksheets and the OPAL language, and how to create dashboards.

O11y Is Here For You (And So Are We!)

While we intentionally want folks to be able to enjoy the free trial on their own, we also know the value of a great co-pilot. Since the initial launch of O11y GPT back in April, we continue to invest in making O11y invaluable to Observe users. Just ask, “how to questions”, “what’s the best OPAL for this use-case”, or “Hey O11y, write me a regex!”. Many of our customers tell us how useful O11y has been when it comes to helping them get the most out of Observe. We also want to hear directly from you all on how we can make the trial experience the best it can be. While you can certainly share your feedback with O11y directly, you can also reach out to us via the “Contact Support” link in the trial, where you’ll have access to a number of resources, as well as a way to directly share feedback with an Observer.

Trial Duration and Terms

Our free trial provides you full access to the Observe platform for 14 days. After day 14, if you want to continue using Observe, we ask that you set up time with our account teams. If that’s not possible, that’s OK, but we will disable and ultimately delete the trial tenant no later than 5 days after the trial period has expired. If you’re interested in the nitty gritty of the trial terms, please see the section “Evaluation Service.” in our terms of service here.