AI Goes Green: How Observe’s AI-Powered Green Integration Helps You Build Better Products, Faster

By Knox Lively,April 1, 2023

By paying close attention to the health of office plants, organizations can create a workspace that elevates employee well-being, productivity, and creativity.

Observability is the New Green

We’re delighted to announce our innovative Green integration, which utilizes AI and machine learning to automate office plant care, fostering a healthier and more efficient workspace. Our innovative Green integration is designed to transform your workspace and facilitate the delivery of better products at a faster pace.

Observe's Green Integration Dashboard to monitor plants health (april fools)

Observe’s new and pioneering approach to office plant observability blends AI-driven smart devices like automated watering systems, automated fertilizing systems, grow lights, and de-weeding systems to provide real-time insights and recommendations on your plants’ health. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual plant care and welcome a more sustainable and efficient office environment.

Before we dive into the features provided by the integration, let’s discuss the importance of plant care and its numerous benefits for a productive workplace.

Why Is Plant Care Crucial for a Productive Workplace?

The health of office plants can have a significant impact on the air quality, aesthetics, and overall atmosphere of a workspace and is a critical aspect of creating a balanced and nurturing work environment. By paying close attention to the health of office plants, organizations can create a workspace that elevates employee well-being, productivity, and creativity.

In fact, according to a study conducted by the University of Exeter, workers were found to be 15% more productive when plants were introduced to their workspace, and 60% less likely to hit “reply all” on a company-wide email — something we could all use less of.

Now, let’s explore in more detail about plants can improve the overall health and happiness of your workplace.

Key Benefits of Plant care

  • Improved air quality and aesthetics: Well-maintained plants don’t just look pretty, they’re also like natural air purifiers that suck in pollutants and release oxygen. It’s like having your own little army of tiny superheroes fighting for your health and happiness.
  • Enhanced productivity and well-being: Plants are the natural energy drinks your employees need. Forget about Red Bull or Monster — they can cause heart palpitations and jitters, anyway. By integrating plant care into your office environment, you can ensure that your employees are surrounded by a healthier and more sustainable source of energy, and they won’t need to grow wings to get through the day!
  • Lower healthcare costs: With the help of some green friends, plant care can keep your team feeling sprightly and out of the doctor’s office. Studies have shown that plants can reduce symptoms of asthma, allergies, and headaches, resulting in fewer sick days and more money in your wallet!

How Does Observe’s AI-Powered Green Integration Help You Build Better Products, Faster?

Observe’s AI-driven Green Integration harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer a comprehensive suite of tools such as Dashboards, Monitors, and guidance designed to maximize the benefits provided by your office plants. By delivering real-time insights and actionable recommendations, this all-encompassing solution ensures you can optimize the health and performance of your office plants — ultimately contributing to a thriving and innovative work environment.

So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the suite of AI-powered tools and features included in Observe’s new Green Integration.

Automated Care

Observe’s cutting-edge Green integration leverages AI and machine learning to work with common gardening IoT devices, offering a complete and seamless plant care experience for your office environment, ensuring optimal conditions for every plant.

AI + Plant Power

Our AI-driven integration works with off-the-shelf automated watering systems that use machine learning algorithms to deliver the perfect amount of water at the right intervals, tailored fertilizing systems that provide essential nutrients specific to each plant’s requirements, and smart grow lights that emit the ideal light spectrum to encourage healthy growth, even in spaces with minimal natural light.

Additionally, Observe’s integration employs advanced de-weeding systems that utilize AI-powered algorithms to autonomously detect and remove unwanted weeds, preventing them from competing with your office plants for vital resources and maintaining an attractive, healthy green space.

We’re also excited to announce that we will soon be enhancing our integration further by adding compatibility for AI-enabled automated pest removal systems like the BugBuster 3000 and PestGuardian from BugShield Systems (a subsidiary of Titan Warfare Systems, Inc.) With this addition, our customers can rest easy knowing that their office plants receive the care and attention they need to thrive, while unwanted pests are kept at bay.

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Custom Dashboards and Pre-Built Monitoring

Observe goes beyond mere integrations for smart devices and offers AI-enhanced Dashboards and pre-configured Monitors designed to provide real-time observability into the health and needs of your office plants. These user-friendly Dashboards display key metrics such as soil moisture, light levels, and nutrient status, all driven by AI algorithms, allowing you to make informed decisions about plant care.

Plant Mood Dashboard in Observe's Green Integration (APril fool's)

With Observe’s advanced AI-powered Monitoring capabilities, you can ensure that your plants thrive in the optimal environment, ultimately contributing to a healthier and more productive workspace. Let’s take a look at some of the features provided by Observe’s Green integration.

Example Dashboards:
  • Plant Health Overview Dashboard: Gain a complete view of your plant’s health and well-being with this Dashboard. It’s like a fitness tracker for your green friends, combining hydration, light, and nutrient metrics with visual cues that highlight any plants that need attention.
  • Plant Hydration Dashboard: Concerned about over or under-watering your plants? Fear not! The Plant Hydration Dashboard monitors soil moisture levels in real-time and alerts you when it’s time to water.
    Nutrient Monitoring Dashboard: Your plants need more than just water and sunlight to thrive. This Dashboard tracks the nutrient levels of each plant and offers tailored fertilizing recommendations. It’s like a Michelin guide for your plants!
  • Mood Meter Dashboard: Once unheard of, this AI-driven dashboard analyzes your plants’ physical appearance to determine their well-being and provides recommendations to improve their health, such as adjusting the lighting or watering schedule.
Example Monitors:
  • Soil Moisture Monitor: Say goodbye to playing guessing games with your plants’ hydration needs. Our Soil Moisture Monitor automatically tracks the moisture levels and sends you a message when it’s time to give your plants a drink.
  • Ambient Light Monitor: Don’t let your plants feel left out in the dark! Our Ambient Light Monitor measures the light available in your environment and alerts you when your plant pals need more sunshine to thrive.
  • Nutrient Level Monitor: Keep your plants well-fed and happy with our Nutrient Level Monitor. This handy device tracks the nutrients in your soil and sends notifications when it’s time to fertilize your green friends.
  • Contamination Detection Monitor: Whether it’s an engineer that dumps their unwanted coffee onto your plants or your resident “genius” who decides to quench their thirst with Brawndo, our AI-driven Contamination Detection Monitor promptly alerts you to suspicious activity. Moreover, it guarantees that the culpable party is identified and shamed via a strongly worded Slack notification.

Note: Be on the lookout for upcoming pest-related Monitors such as the “Pest Detection Monitor” once we add support for automated pest removal systems. These handy Monitors will notify you upon the detection of various types of pests, ensuring that you stay one step ahead of any potential pest-related issues.

AI-Powered Customized Plant Care Recommendations

Welcome to the future of office gardening with Observe’s innovative Green Integration, which harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to provide personalized care for your plants. Our cutting-edge technology analyzes sensor data to create customizable plant care plans tailored to each plant’s unique needs – from watering frequency and nutrient requirements to ideal light conditions.

Plant care with guy wearing hazmat suit.

Observe even goes a step further, utilizing AI to discern your plants’ preferences for ambient sounds, like soothing jazz or energetic rock music (we’ve found our plants love death metal), to ensure their happiness and growth.

With intelligent recommendations that adapt to seasonal changes and office conditions, Observe’s Green Integration keeps your plants thriving year-round. Embrace a healthy and vibrant workspace where your green companions contribute positively to overall productivity and well-being.

Getting Started With Observe’s Green Integration

We’re excited to introduce you to our innovative AI-powered solution that lets you monitor and automate your office plant care, leading to a healthier, happier, and more productive workplace. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, our integration streamlines plant care and transforms your office into a thriving, vibrant ecosystem. With just a few clicks, you’ll be on your way to creating an oasis of productivity and well-being that’ll make your competitors green with envy.

Observe's Green Integration in the App Store (april fool's)


Install smart gardening devices such as grow lights, watering systems, fertilizing systems, and pest control systems ahead of time in each of your plants that you want to monitor.


  1. Search for and install the Green integration from our list of over 100 integrations.
  2. Once installed, open the Green integration and configure each of your discovered plants to forward its logs and metrics to Observe. This step is crucial to bringing real-time observability, and recommendation to your plant’s health.
  3. Once your devices are connected and configured, plant yourself on your favorite chair and let our system do the root of the work!

Note: Our integration is compatible with a diverse range of plants; however, it currently does not support “Spider Plants.” Though plants are generally considered untrustworthy, Spider Plant’s association with a very particular type of air-breathing arthropod makes them even more untrustworthy in our eyes. Hence, we have opted to exclude them from our platform. Users should not expect future support tailored specifically for Spider Plants, including Dashboards, Monitors, or plant care tips. Subsequently, any support inquiries regarding this matter will be promptly ignored.

A Smart and Green Future Is Ahead

We believe that investing in the health of your office plants can lead to a happier, healthier, and more productive workplace for all, and our Green integration is designed to help you achieve just that. Whether you’re looking to optimize watering and nutrient levels, improve lighting conditions, or prevent contamination, our integration has got you covered. And as we continue to explore the potential of artificial intelligence, don’t be surprised if AI plays a role in enhancing this integration down the line.

In fact, this blog post may have had a little help from some non-human intelligence. As we progress, let’s not forget the importance of nurturing our environments for a better, greener future.

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