Observe Honored at Snowflake Data Cloud Summit

By Grant Swanson,June 14, 2024

Last week, Observe Inc. was honored to lead conversations with and learn from AI leaders at the Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2024. During the event, we were named the inaugural 2024 Data Cloud Product Observability Partner Award winner by Snowflake, the AI Data Cloud company. 

Our team was also excited to speak with the Snowflake community during the event about the value of observability and why applications and infrastructures operate the way they do based on the data they emit. Observe Principal Solutions Architect Daniel Odievich and Co-founder Philip Unterbrenner led a summit session on how Observe was built on Snowflake to enable all types of observability workloads — logs, metrics, traces, application performance and security — as well as complex business data analytics, over a single connected data lake.

The bottom line? Businesses perform better and scale effectively when they have a streamlined, personalized observability solution. Enter Observe.

Powered by Snowflake, Observe synthesizes petabyte-per-day streaming ingest, relational analytics, search and monitoring capabilities all within a single product. Customers can choose the model that best suits their needs, with either completely managed services or a connected app model with bring-your-own Snowflake. 

Our CEO, Jeremy Burton, also joined customer partner leaders in conversation at Snowflake’s theCube. Burton and interviewees – data platform experts, CXOs, analysts and investors – delved into AI enterprise use cases, specifically how data propels innovation and excellence. 

Of the award win and partnership with Snowflake, Burton shared, “We are honored to be recognized with Snowflake’s first-ever Data Cloud Product Observability Partner Award and look forward to our continued collaboration to bring our customers the fastest and most cost-effective way to troubleshoot modern distributed applications. 

“Snowflake’s Data Cloud Platform provides Observe with a unique foundation to build on top of. We can focus on the tough questions our users want to answer while Snowflake looks after the data, regardless of how much they send us.”

This sets the stage for new capabilities to be available on Snowflake-native environments. Observe for Snowflake will continue to collect OpenTelemetry data to provide unified observability so developer and engineering teams can identify and resolve issues quickly and across the entire tech stack. 

This only builds upon our company’s momentum, especially coming off of our $125 million Series B funding round, with participation from new investor Snowflake Ventures. Our recent innovations include the recently released Hubble – scaling to over one petabyte per day, delivering the latest GenAI innovations – and Trace Explorer, a new distributed tracing data environment. 

Learn more about Observe and Snowflake here, and the Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2024 here. We look forward to another year of partnership and innovation with Snowflake – see you in 2025!