Video: Troubleshoot Incidents Faster with O11y GPT

By Observe Team ,October 18, 2023
Hear Jon Watte and Erica Gucciardo discuss how Observe, Inc. is using LLMs in observability to boost user productivity anywhere from 20% to 50%. O11y GPT Help: Our GPT-enabled helpbot, O11y Help, can help you quickly learn the basics of Observe, find out how to perform necessary operations, and more. O11y GPT Extract: What if you never had to write RegEx again? One of the most common uses of regexes in observability is for parsing logs. O11y Extract can auto generate RegEx for you so you can give structure to your log data in just a few clicks. OPAL Co-Pilot: Observe Processing and Analysis Language (aka OPAL) is a key component of what makes Observe what it is. With OPAL Co-Pilot, you can use natural language text to express the action you want to take on a Dataset and you’ll get suggestions with the OPAL command needed to make that happen. O11y GPT Slack Assistant: Incident response is often a team activity, and communication is crucial. You can use O11y GPT directly from Slack to get help as you would in Observe, plus have O11y create a dedicated incident response channel for collaboration. When the incident is closed, you can even have O11y create a summary and save it for future reference and postmortem use.