Video: Observe’s New Architecture and Live Mode for Improved Queries

By Observe Team ,October 18, 2023
Qi Jin, President, Engineering & Products at Observe, discusses Observe's new architecture with the Project Hubble launch. Log Explorer: If you want to go right to your logs to search, then you want Log Explorer, now featuring Live Mode. With Live Mode, you can query data 15-20 seconds after it’s created, so you can see what’s happening exactly when it happens. Best of all, because your logs are in the Data Lake and correlated with your other telemetry in the Data Graph, you can quickly pivot from Live Mode in the Log Explorer to metrics or traces. Metric Explorer: In Observe there’s no limitation on custom metrics or cardinality so you can look at the metrics you care most about, and you can switch visualization types at the click of a mouse to get the view you need. Trace Explorer: Instantly get visualized “RED” metrics like trace rate, error rate and trace duration along with a summary of services’ spans and errors. From the Trace Explorer page you can also drill into a specific trace to see a trace summary page and see detailed span information in a familiar “waterfall” view. Resource Explorer: With Resource Explorer you can easily track all of your resources and see any changes to their state over time. Open Data Access: Because we use open-source data collectors like OpenTelemetry to get your data into Observe, there’s no fear of vendor lock-in. The Data Lake architecture lets us provide unparalleled flexibility when it comes to how you get data in and out of your observability tool. We now support a public API, exporting to CSV, a Command Line Interface (CLI), and joint data sharing for existing Snowflake users.