Observe Direct Fall 2022: Welcome to the Observability Cloud

By Observe Team ,November 10, 2022
For the very first time in observability history, we’re bringing you all of the capabilities you’ve been asking for in a single, integrated product that we call, "The Observability Cloud." The Observability Cloud joins logs, metrics, distributed tracing, interactive dashboards, and much more in one place to deliver an order-of-magnitude improvement in economics and a 3X decrease in MTTR! In this event, you'll hear from a few of our team members about the latest product updates, including Observe Apps — like Google Cloud, Jenkins, and GitHub — that are designed to get you up and running in minutes with observability data from your favorite services. You'll also hear about our new distributed tracing visualizations and workflows, Smart Dashboards, and our new credit management features that help users control their credit usage in Observe. Lastly, we’ll hear from one of our customers about how Observe drastically reduces their investigation time and enables more junior members to contribute in a meaningful way.