The Rise of OpenTelemetry and Why You Should Care - eBook - Observe, Inc.

The Rise of OpenTelemetry and Why You Should Care – eBook

At Observe, we believe that observability is fundamentally a data problem. If all telemetry data can be brought together, curated, and – where possible – related, then it can be an order of magnitude faster to detect, investigate, and resolve issues. Achieving observability so you can solve your organization’s problems requires having that data accessible in the first place. OpenTelemetry deals with that ever-present challenge of collecting telemetry data.

The OpenTelemetry project (often known simply as OTel) has risen to prominence and become a staple in conversations related to observability. In this eBook, we’ll dig into the factors that have led to its popularity, why it should be of interest to you, and its prospects as an enabler of observability.

Read this eBook and learn:

  • Why OpenTelemetry exists
  • The origins of the OTEL ecosystem
  • Why OpenTelemetry matters for users and the industry
  • What’s in the future for OpenTelemetry, and how to overcome anticipated challenges

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