The State of Observability 2022

The State of Observability 2022

In our conversations with software professionals, the two biggest questions that always come up are, “How do I build a more observable system?” and, “What is the real value of observability to my business?” To answer these questions we partnered with CITE Research again to survey 250 IT and software development professionals to understand the struggles, outcomes, and most importantly their journey to observability. 

The 2022 installment of the longest-running State of Observability report reveals new insights while also looking at how trends have, or haven’t, changed since the first edition of the report.

Read this report to learn:

  • Where companies are in their observability transformation journey
  • What are the top challenges to adopting observability
  • The role data plays in observability and the challenges it can create
  • The current status of tool sprawl and its impact
  • Why it’s important to reduce MTTR and improve incident response

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