Not another
single glass of pain.

Get notified of issues and investigate to any level of detail.
Always see relevant event data — from logs, metrics or traces — in context.

Landing Pages
Not your parent's dashboard.

See at a glance, your top issues and the overall health of the system. It looks like your father’s dashboard, but it’s not. Filter, pivot and narrow time ranges to zero-in on root cause. And the best bit? Observe automatically creates Landing Pages giving you all the information for none of the effort.

Universe Maps
Explore your Observable universe.

Observe structures and relates the data you ingest so it’s easy to navigate. Universe Maps allow you to see how everything is related — they lay out the Observable Universe that is available to explore.

Universe Maps are intuitive and easy to understand. You can drill from Deployments to Pods To Containers... and even to the AWS EC2 instances they are running on.

Universe Maps are embedded on every Landing Page — they provide you with a digital "You Are Here".

Hand-to-hand combat, with event data.

Investigate service incidents using Worksheets. Drill into event data — in context — from landing pages and directly manipulate using search, analytic functions and visualizations. Then share investigation findings with stakeholders.

Built for humans

Imagine if you could have alerts which actually told you which customers were affected, or which pods were problematic... and you were 1 click away from beginning your investigation. Stop imagining.

Observe’s easy-to-configure monitor templates let any team member create even complex alerting conditions. And with customizable integrations for Slack, PagerDuty and webhooks, they’ll be able to pass around as much context as they need.

Navigate through your data. Instantly.

A Kubernetes expert knows container logs are generated by containers. And they run in pods. Which run on nodes. And constitute a deployment. But what if the junior SRE triaging an incident just wants to see the logs for a deployment? Then you need portal.

Observe understands how things are related so you don't have to. Just say where you want to go.

Time Travel
And you don’t need to be going 88mph.

Modern distributed applications are ephemeral. Their state, and the state of their infrastructure changes all the time. Ever wanted to see the log of a container that died at 2am last Tuesday… the pod it was running in and who checked in code for the image that was running ? Well now you can. Observe tracks the state of everything in your system including applications, infrastructure, build, test and development. So you always know what happened, and when.

250+ Integrations
And we go deep on K8s & AWS.

Observe streams data from almost any source. We provide simple collectors to direct data to Observe, but we also use the popular Open Source collectors like Telegraf, Fluentd, Logstash, FileBeats & Metric Beats.

With K8s and AWS we transform raw log events and metrics into things SREs recognize such as containers, pods, EC2 instances and S3 buckets, and understand all the relationships between them.

Running in 10
The simplicity of SaaS.

Observe is SaaS, it was born in the cloud. There’s no hardware to install, no administrators to train, no software to install, no consultants to hire.

All you need to do is simple configuration of your collectors. Observe lights up as soon as the data starts flowing. You’ll be doing your first investigation in under 10 minutes.

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