About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to turn the world’s business data into information. Our mission is to become the market leader in observability.

  • September 28th 2017


    Observe was founded and incubated by Sutter Hill Ventures at their Palo Alto office. Our founders came from companies that specialized in working with vast quantities of data – Snowflake, Splunk and Wavefront.
  • 2018

    Early Days

    The product vision of building one Observability product, with one language, one consistent user interface and all the data in one central Snowflake database was set. Customer pain was squarely in the world of logs and metrics, distributed tracing was still in a state of flux.
  • 2020

    Company Launch

    Observe came out of stealth and was unveiled to the world on October 7th 2020. Our first commercial contract – for $1500 from Golden West Telecommunications – was signed just one month earlier.
  • 2023


    Observe introduces The Observability Cloud – a single product that enables engineers to troubleshoot distributed applications 3x faster, at one third the cost. Observe scales beyond 1 PB / day of data for a single customer with sub-second latency and has over 60 customers including Capital One, Topgolf and F5 Networks.

Founders Story

Jacob Leverich, Jonathan Trevor, Philipp Unterbrunner, Jon Watte and Mike Speiser talk about Observe’s approach to Observability.


Jacob Leverich


Jonathan Trevor


Philipp Unterbrunner


Joao Taveira Araujo

Founding Engineer

Ang Li

Founding Engineer


Sahir Azam

Chief Product Officer, MongoDB

Mike Speiser

Managing Director, SHV

John McMahon

Board Member

Daniel Sturman

Board Member

Jeremy Burton



Jeremy Burton


Keith Butler

President & CRO

Christine Dorrion

VP Revenue Operations

Qi Jin

President, Engineering & Products

Kristin Lyles

VP Marketing

Irina Seals

VP Sales

Dustin Yelinek

VP Sales

Eric Rehm

VP Finance