Our Company

Observe was founded by Sutter Hill Ventures in November 2017. Our founding team came from leading Enterprise SaaS and software companies that work with vast quantities of data such as Snowflake, Splunk and Wavefront.

Our founding thesis was that the enterprises are data rich, but information poor. Data is siloed making it difficult to understand what’s going on inside applications and infrastructure. The result is often a poor customer experience and wasted engineering time tracking down incidents. Oh, and it costs a fortune.

Observe discerns why applications and infrastructure are running the way they are from the data they emit. We enable engineers to spend more time coding features and less time investigating incidents. We reduce outages and issues with customer experience. And we leverage an elastic cloud architecture so that you only pay for what you use.

Our Board
Mike Speiser

Mike joined Sutter Hill Ventures in 2008 from Yahoo!, where he was Vice President of Community products. He joined Yahoo! through the acquisition of Bix, where he served as CEO. Previously, Mike was Vice President and Technical Advisor to Symantec’s Chairman & CEO. He also served as Vice President of Product Marketing and Product Management at VERITAS Software, which Symantec acquired. He also co-founded Epinions.com, worked as a consultant at McKinsey & Company, and was an analyst with CS First Boston.

Jeremy Burton

Jeremy Burton is currently CEO of Observe Inc. Prior to Observe, Jeremy was CMO of Dell Technologies and, prior to their merger, President of Products and Marketing at EMC. Jeremy joined EMC from Serena Software, where he was President and CEO. Previous to Serena, he led Symantec’s $2 billion Enterprise Security product line as Group President of Security and Data Management. Jeremy also served as Veritas’ Executive Vice President of Data Management Group and Chief Marketing Officer. Earlier in his career, he spent nearly a decade at Oracle as Senior Vice President of Product and Services Marketing.