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Not Another Single Glass of Pain

Forget legacy logs without context, annoying alerts that aren’t actionable, and dead end dashboards.

Investigate any level of detail, on any issue. Always see relevant event data β€” from logs, metrics or traces β€” in context, with just a few clicks.

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  • Log Explorer

    Go from legacy, boring log search to logs with context.

    Live Mode gives you real time data for time-sensitive troubleshooting.

    Schema-on-demand means you can structure logs on-the-fly. Kick back and let O11y GPT generate regexes for you.

    Easily pivot to metrics and other related datasets in a few clicks.

  • Metric Explorer

    High cardinality data? No problem. Create unlimited custom metrics so you’re always tracking exactly what’s important to you with metric explorer.

    Dig into related logs and traces instantly, change visualizations on the fly, and get to the root cause of an issue in no time.

  • Trace Explorer

    Get all your β€œRED” metrics up front to monitor request rate, errors and duration in your services.

    Go from application services to individual traces, views spans then pivot to logs and pinpoint root cause.

  • Dashboards

    Tired of dead-end, static dashboards?

    Start your investigation with Observe dashboards. Drill down from your application to your infrastructure all the way down to your logs, and retain context as you do it.

    Customize your dashboards with an array of visualization choices.

  • Alerts

    No more alerts without context. Alert on the things you care about, like your customers.

    When an alert fires, you’ll know who or what was affected immediately so you can dive right into troubleshooting.


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