On-Demand Webinar: Enhancing Security through Observability with the Observe Basic Threat Intel App

In this webinar, we explore how observability enhances security. See an in-depth demo of how to get up and running quickly with the Observe Basic Threat Intel App, including leveraging our curated open source threat intel feeds. Plus, learn how Observe’s unique infrastructure, including a unified Data Lake, Data Graphs, and Data Apps, enables you to stay ahead of emerging threats and resolve them faster.

Observe Threat Intelligence Dashboard

Watch our on-demand webinar to hear from Keith Buswall, Senior Sales Engineer, to learn:

– How to understand the evolving cybersecurity threats that impact your organization’s digital assets.

– How observability, complemented by the Observe Basic Threat Intel App, empowers real-time threat detection and incident response.

– Best practices for leveraging threat intelligence data within your observability stack to identify security vulnerabilities and streamline incident response.

Access the webinar on-demand.