Customer Spotlight: TopGolf | A hole in one for Observability

By Observe Team ,June 9, 2021
Infrastructure monitoring is often one reason for deploying observability tools. But for Topgolf — a sports entertainment company with locations spread across four continents — monitoring infrastructure is only one of several observability goals. Equally important is the ability to monitor software delivery pipelines and run business analytics to ensure a great experience for every customer who plays at a Topgolf location. With Observe, Topgolf’s engineering team implemented a single observability platform that serves all of these needs. By making it easy to link disparate data sources together, Observe provides Topgolf engineers with a centralized source of visibility and collaboration for managing multiple facets of the company’s operations. Ultimately, Observe helps Topgolf’s engineering team deliver an optimal customer experience and, in turn, increase business revenue and brand loyalty.