Announcing ISO 27001 Certification

By Observe Team ,July 3, 2024

We are happy to announce that Observe has received our ISO 27001 certification from Schellman! This means that we have proven our security processes and policies to be aligned with the international standard. Documentation supporting Observe’s security and process validations can be requested at our Trust Center.

As Observe and the Observability market grow, organizations around the world are looking for better answers than their legacy  log analytics, infrastructure monitoring, and application performance management can provide. Modern distributed applications are based on microservice architecture, deployed on cloud-native infrastructure, and continuously updated. The volumes of data produced are an order of magnitude increase for incumbent tools, which often means overwhelming complexity and eye-watering cost.

Observe’s Observability Cloud was architected from the ground up to unify all types of observability data on a single architecture with clearly separated storage and compute cost models. At Observe, we enable on-call engineers to see past fragmented views of telemetry data to the entire problem. In Observe, all machine-generated telemetry data is stored in a centralized, massively scalable, cloud database. Ingestion and storage of data is very economical, up to an order of magnitude cheaper than legacy vendors. Once ingested, Observe transforms telemetry data into datasets that are understandable by humans such as Customers, Builds, Tickets, Containers, and Shopping Carts. It’s easy to “Show me the Shopping Carts for my top Customers”, and it’s easy to track changes in the business and its infrastructure over time. Highly ephemeral modern architecture swamps legacy tools, but in Observe you can understand what happened, where, and when.

Observe is able to troubleshoot applications an order of magnitude faster because SREs and Engineers can attack problems top-down — from Customers, Pods, or Containers — then click through to context such as Images, Nodes, and Commits. Try it yourself today!