Observability: Build or Buy?

Observability: Build or Buy?

Thinking about building your own monitoring or observability tool? Observe is built on a modern architecture based on low-cost cloud storage and elastic compute to give businesses the ability to analyze an order of magnitude more data at a fraction of the cost.

However, monitoring has historically been so expensive that organizations can’t help but wonder if they can build the functionality they need in-house instead of seeking an alternative to legacy vendors.

The work required for even the core observability functionality needed by a modern IT organization is considerable, and then there is the ongoing upkeep to ensure it stays running.

Building in-house will be impossible for most organizations, but if this is a path you’re considering then download our white paper “Observability: Build or Buy?” to learn:

  • Why observability tooling is a challenging to build
  • The requirements to meet and use cases to support that are  necessary to be comparable to a commercial tool
  • The different approaches that can be taken to building, such as leveraging open-source, and the challenges associated with those approaches
  • The TCO factors that must be accounted for when it comes to the initial build effort and ongoing support