Staff Software Engineer - Observe, Inc.

Staff Software Engineer

San Mateo, CA Engineering Full Time On-Site
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 Staff Software Engineer

Observe is a SaaS Observability product which enables businesses to investigate modern distributed applications 10x faster. Observe ingests anything with a timestamp (e.g. system and application logs, metrics, and traces), and then structures that data so that it is correlated and easy to navigate. We enable engineers to spend more time coding features and less time investigating incidents. Finally, because of Observe’s unique elastic architecture, it is priced based on usage, making it cost 10x less than incumbents. Watch this video to learn more about our mission.

Traditional approaches to this problem have resulted in fragmented tooling and fragile dashboards which, in turn, have resulted in exploding costs and complexity. At Observe, we believe that the core challenge lies in organizing and relating telemetry data emitted by those applications, despite the fact it is constantly changing. Solving this data problem makes observability an order of magnitude easier, faster, and less expensive. At Observe, we didn’t set out to build another monitoring tool company, we set out to build a data company. Observe is founded by top enterprise VC Sutter Hill Ventures and has a founding team from leading Enterprise SaaS companies Snowflake, Splunk, and Wavefront.

To enable a customer to take full advantage of what Observe platform can offer, the first critical step is to bring customer data from a variety of sources onto Observe as rapidly and efficiently as possible. You’ll play a pivotal role in the data ingest team, focused on exporting observability data from any source (e.g. hosts, cloud services, and Kubernetes) from the customer to Observe in a reliable, scalable, and efficient way. Your work will directly help us expand Observe to more and more customers with varied data onboarding requirements.

What you’ll be doing:
- Develop software to export observability data, i.e. logs, metrics and traces, from any source to Observe
- Develop software to manage the lifecycle of the exporters and to make them easily observable
- Help shape the evolution of data export and collection strategy that balances flexibility and maintainability
- Optimize the exporter, e.g. its usage of machine resources, to deliver data faster and cheaper
- Mentor and help grow other engineers on the team

You’ll be a good fit if you have:
- BS or MS in Computer Science (higher is a plus) and solid computer science fundamentals
- 5+ years of backend development experience
- Fluency in a modern, statically typed language, especially Go or C++
- Solid understanding of AWS or GCP and Kubernetes
- Great written and spoken communication skills about technical topics

You’ll be a great fit if you have some of below:
- Experience with Terraform and managing infrastructure as code
- Experience with system performance troubleshooting and optimization
- Experience with OpenTelemetry
- Knowledge of HTTP as well as other networking protocols
- Understanding of distributed system operations and failure modes

Observe is on the cusp of reaching product/market fit, and we're planning to grow tremendously in the coming years. You can be a part of the foundational team that makes that growth possible. Join a team that's still small, in a start-up environment that improves quality by reducing bureaucracy and reducing time-to-ship!
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