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Explore The Data Universe.
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Working At Observe

At Observe, we are more than employees, we are explorers, pioneers, and risk-takers. We are the best and the brightest, with a passion for learning and solving the world’s most difficult problems in new and unique ways.

What is Observe?

Observe was founded by Sutter Hill Ventures in 2017. Our founding thesis was that the enterprises are data rich, but information poor. Data is siloed making it difficult to understand what's going on inside applications and infrastructure. The result is often a poor customer experience and wasted engineering time tracking down incidents. Oh, and it costs a fortune.

Our Vision and Mission

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Business Overview, Jeremy Burton (CEO)

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Technical Overview, Observe Founders

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We work closely with our early customers to shape our product direction and drive our product backlog. We’re committed to not only providing a unique technical solution to their problems but also transparent, fair, usage-based pricing.