Software Engineer: Query Optimization - Observe, Inc.

Software Engineer: Query Optimization

Zurich Engineering Full Time On-Site
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Observe is building a multi-tenant SaaS product in the Observability space. The core of the product is a novel data management platform that combines stream processing and a temporal-relational data model, implemented on top of a cloud data warehousing platform (Snowflake).

Queries are expressed in a proprietary language called OPAL. This language needs to be compiled to optimal SQL, for both ad-hoc execution and streaming execution. We are facing a variety of technical challenges and optimization opportunities related to the temporal nature of the data, and the interplay of ad-hoc execution and streaming execution of queries.

We are looking for a senior engineer (m/f/d) who can tackle these challenges and drive our query compiler evolution.

Ideal Candidate Profile

  • Masters or PhD in Computer Science
  • Strong academic and/or industry background in relational query optimization
  • Ability to write production code
  • Knowledge of stream processing or temporal databases is a plus but not required
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