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Observability. It's All About The Data

Fewer incidents, more features & happy customers

All Your Event Data

From logs, metrics or traces – in context.

  • Ingest all data regardless of source or structure.
  • BYOC – Bring your own collector such as filebeat, fluentd, telegraf, prometheus, and more.
  • 250+ integrations, with depth on Kubernetes and Amazon Web Services.

Troubleshoot 10x Faster

Say goodbye to walls of text.

  • By structuring all data we help engineers troubleshoot issues top down, instead of immediately diving into raw events.
  • With our GraphLink feature you can use the relationships inside of your data to answers questions you haven’t even dreamed out.
  • Our Schema on demand allows you to answer new questions without new tagging or reindexing.

Usage Based Pricing

All of the data, none of the cost.

  • Observe’s architecture separates storage and compute – this means that data can be ingested at little more than the cost of Amazon S3.
  • We can store as much data as you want, for as long as you want.
  • We are built on the industry leading Snowflake data cloud.
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